Edge Retail Water Billing Software

by Cloudwater Systems

Edge is our flag-ship web-based software solution for retail water suppliers in the UK

Edge has been designed and built from first principles to provide a complete “Business in a Box” for both established and new entrant Licensed Providers. The Edge system allows seamless operations across the UK – in both the established Scottish market and the new English market. Edge runs on the Microsoft “Azure” cloud platform, and provides unrivalled flexibility, security and availability. Deployment of Edge for your business is as quick and easy, whether you are a new start or the largest water company in the country.


by Cloudwater Systems

Edge has been designed and built from first principles to provide a complete “Business in a Box” for both established and new entrant Licensed Providers.

The Cloudwater Systems team has been assembled with sole purpose of designing, developing and supporting the finest competitive water management software solution.

Competitive Edge

We have spoken to many water and waste supply companies about the new competitive market.

One thing is clear; in order to compete effectively in the competitive water and waste retail market, it is necessary to have the very best and leanest business processes, customer service teams and supporting software.

This is where Edge by Cloudwater Systems comes in.

On Edge

Edge has become established as the software solution of choice for the most ambitious water and waste retail companies in the UK.

Suitable for all sizes of retail business, from new starts to the largest retailers in the country.

Edge is currently being used for the pricing and billing of almost 350,000 SPIDs across the English and Scottish markets. This represents nearly 20% of all market SPIDs.

Leading Edge

The Edge system has been carefully designed and developed  by Cloudwater Systems using the very latest tools and techniques.

This to ensure that the solution provides the best performance and availability and will continue to deliver for many years to come.

The Edge Solution has been designed for deployment via the Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure.


Edge by Cloudwater Systemscomprises a number of integrated software modules:

Market Module

The Market Module provides powerful yet user-friendly access to the Market Data Set (MDS) data, with easy to use search filters. The Market data provides details of all SPIDs within the English and Scottish markets, approximately 1.8 million SPIDs.
Market search criteria include:

Premise Address
Premise Postcode
Customer Name
Licensed Provider

Search results can be filtered on SPID Status, for example REC, TDISC, PDISC and also Vacancy Status.

Market Module - Edge by Ascendancy Solutions

Pricing Module

Edge by Cloudwater Systems provides a sophisticated Pricing Engine, allowing the user to prepare price estimates for Market SPID’s based on current Market data and the latest Meter Readings. Groups of SPID’s can also be priced using the Market Module.

Calculations for both Retail and Wholesale prices are available, using user defined Retail and Wholesale Tariff data.

Output from the Market Pricing report is fully configurable. As a default, there are two reports, the “Pricing Summary” and the “Detailed Report”.

Pricing Module - Edge By Ascendancy Solutions

Pricing reports are available to export in Web View, PDF, XLSX and CSV

Furthermore, the Edge system is capable of producing an “All SPIDs” pricing report. This provides Wholesale and Retail pricing for all SPIDs within the market (note that the All SPIDs pricing report runs on a weekly basis)

Accounts Module

The Accounts Module provides functionality to manage everything to do with Customer Accounts, including the SPIDs associated with Customer Accounts.

The module also provides an easy path to manual Customer Billing.

Edge by Ascendancy Solutions - Account module index

The “Accounts” screen provides a list of all Customer Accounts that have been set up on the Edge system. Note that the Customer Accounts list can be filtered to show “Active”, “Inactive” or “All” Accounts, the default view is for “Active” Accounts.

Customer details can be viewed by selecting one of the Customer records

Edge by Ascendancy Solutions - Account module details

The screen shows a list of Account SPIDs so that it is easy to switch between the Accounts view and the SPIDs view.

Payments Module

The Edge Payments module works alongside the Billing module to provide payments management functionality to meet the needs to customers.

The Payment Method is defined at an Account level, and provides the following options:

Direct Debit
Fixed Payment Plan
Fixed Single Payment
Debit or Credit Card
Online or Telephone Banking

Depending on the payment option selected, Edge will create the necessary BACS file entries at the appropriate time for payment processing.

Logistics Module

The Logistics Module provides communications between Edge and the outside world.

It provides three core pieces of functionality as follows:

Market Data Set (MDS) Loader
Transaction Engine
 Data Quality (DQ) Reporting

Market Data Set (MDS) Loader

The module provides a state of the art interface with the CMA and MOSL systems in order to load the Scottish and English Market Data Sets, allowing daily uploads of Market data to Edge.

The interface is fully automatic and is configured to run overnight.

Transaction Engine

The Edge Transactions Engine is capable of sending and receiving the complete suite of Transactions to and from the Central Market Operators (both CMA and MOSL) using the High-Volume Interface (HVI).

No longer will your business need to use the Low Volume Interface, with associated manual data entry and questionable data quality.

The Edge Transaction Engine is dynamic in that it creates the Transactions based upon metadata contained within the published XSD’s. The XSD contains a blue print for the relational structure for all the message types including data types, look up enumerations and validation.

Data Quality (DQ) Reporting

This daily upload of Market data is used to compare the system “Account” data with the “Market” data on a real-time basis.

Any discrepancy between Account and Market data is highlighted immediately, so that investigation can commence and corrective action implemented before possible adverse customer impact.

Reporting Module

The Edge Reporting Module utilises the power and flexibility of SQL Server Reporting Studio (SSRS) to provide a range of operational and management reports.

Custom reports can also be created on request from Ascendancy Solutions.

A Management Dashboard is provided to allow senior management on line access to the information that they need at the click of a button.

Edge also provides interfaces to allow integration with external systems such as the Central Market Operator systems (CMA and MOSL), Accounting systems, CRM systems or external Reporting systems.


Lets crack some numbers

Edge by Cloudwater Systems is used by some of the most progressive water and waste-water retail companies in the UK. Key statistics on the use of Edge are provided below

SPIDs under management
20 %
Market Share in SPIDs
Bills per year
740989752 GBP
Value of Bills per year

Outside Edge

Of course, having the best class leading retail water billing software running on the best cloud based infrastructure is great – but it is not enough to guarantee success.To guarantee success in the UK competitive water market you need more than a great software solution. You need the best of everything.

Our UK based support team are experts in the use of Edge and will assist you with any issue relating to software support.

It’s critical that you get the training that you need when you need it – at the start of your Edge journey and at any time after that. Our UK based trainers are experienced practitioners in the UK competitive water market and are experts in the delivery of Edge training.

Our team of competitive water business service experts can assist you with all of your day-to-day operations, whether it is answering customer billing queries or resolving complex metering exchanges.

If you need specialist advice on the competitive water industry, ranging from corporate strategy to tactical operations, our consultancy team is here to help.

Contact Cloudwater Systems

At Cloudwater Systems we are literally on the Edge of our seats waiting for you to contact us. Whether you just want to chat about competitive water or you want to arrange a demo of the class leading water billing software, please don’t delay in contacting us.